samedi 25 juillet 2015

Summer in Winterland

Hey guys !

Bob Lee Hut, photo : Simi Hamilton
So these are my last days in New Zealand. I haven't see any kiwis or any penguins... but a lot of snowflakes ! I've spent three weeks on the Snowfarm, on the heights of Wanaka, to ski and share time with the US Ski Team.

Now I'm begining to speak english very well. It's for this reason I want to share with you my experience in english.

For a long time I have wanted to train with the US Ski Team. I have known Liz Stephen since my first international races. The women's team is very strong and competitive on the world cup in all disciplines. I wanted to know a new training experience, a new team emulation, and to speak better english, all this in the goal to be stronger for the next season (Finally, I'm not sure that english helps me to be better on the ski tracks this winter, but I'll try it) !

All of these things have happened. The ski conditions were perfect with a lot of sunny days, cold snow for the first week, warmer at the middle, and new snow at the end. So I have skied in a lot of different conditions. It's fun to find a part of winter so far away, especially during this month of July, which has been so hot in France.
It was too the occasion to start intensity work. Usually I ski on the glacier at this period, too high to work the race speed.

I discovered, too, a great team, ready to share their experience. A very good work ambiance and always with a smile and positive attitude. A team who works together (« hand in hand », but maybe it's a french expression!), athletes and coaches, men and women, to give their best ! I've found four girls (Liz, Jessie, Sophie and Ida) to train with me, and to help me to get over myself during the time trial. And I've found three coaches who help me before the camp, to plan my trip to the other side of the world. And during, to give me precious advice for my ski techique, to take care of me and my skis... They just have done like I was a member of their team. I have especially found many friends !!

For my english, maybe it's not perfect, but I begin to understand better, to speak is still difficult, but I'm sure to be on the good way ! It's maybe a new occasion to return with them....
But I could count on them, to speak slow for me to understand, and sure to learn me american expressions, not found on the books ! I dare not say....

I've found a beautiful country, with amazing landscapes, and for sure I will return here just to visit.

Thank you US ski team to open your arms so widely to me. Thank you Alex for making this adventure possible and follow me with the jet lag. Thank you to those who helped me finance this camp. Thank you Snowfarm for the welcome.

I spend two last days just with Noah Hoffman, and Burni, in the Snowfarm, just to enjoy the last slips with my skis, and the sunrise and sunset on the winter.

Enjoy August !



Ps : And final thanks to Liz for the correction of my article, and to be the best roomie !

Snow is here !
My first day, alone, to discover ski tracks
The river, the Loop
Running training to Lake Wanaka
Tea time in Wanaka, Ida, Sophie et Jessie
Sophie was so pooped...
The famous tree of Lake Wanaka
Visit of Queenstown
Charlie's Angels, Andy, Ida, Jessie and Liz
Hanging Valley, with Liz
Shadow and light, Photo Simi hamilton
With Ida, my french translator, photo : I don't remember
Jessie and Sophie, photo : I don't remember
A great team,  me, Liz, Jessie, Ida, Sophie, photo : I don't remember
Salomon in New Zeland! Photo : Simi Hamilton  
Last days on Snowfarm, photo : Noah Hoffman

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